It is possible that our 3 dimensional universe encloses a spherical volume containing another spatial dimension. While inhabiting a physical body on Earth we perceive this extra dimension as time but after death we return to this universe and live a 4 dimensional afterlife without time or change.





A lot of the big questions in life few people seriously attempt to answer, like why are we here? How does the cosmos work, especially, is there a purpose for us all? What I would like to set out here is a theory of how our lives in the physical dimension of the universe may relate to an existence that continues after our physical bodies have died. Once you have made the decision that there is some sort of grand system at work for this purpose, then how does it work? Of course much of this will be speculation as getting hard data is extremely difficult and any research in this area is normally greeted with a good measure of scorn from those in orthodox science. Also proof of life after death will provide plausible explanations for practically all paranormal phenomena, many of which at present seem unconnected. Lack of evidence is a big problem and confirmed skeptics like Richard Dawkins normally win the argument here so if you are one of these there is little point reading on. However, there is a mountain of anecdotal evidence for human existence continuing after physical death. Firstly, there are the "spooky" phenomena. Apparitions, haunting and poltergeists have been reported on a grand scale around the world ever since recorded history began. Secondly, there are a small number of genuine mediums who seem very reliable and provide quite astonishingly accurate information to living relatives of the deceased. Thirdly, there are many well-documented descriptions of out-of-body experiences in which individuals have described a non-physical existence distinct from that on earth. Fourthly, some people claim types of religious experience in which they receive an indescribable feeling of spiritual enlightenment and need no further convincing that they have a spiritual dimension to their existence. Finally, I may as well include those who claim to have close encounters with extraterrestrials. They are often told that their physical bodies also have a spiritual component and their lives are courtesy of a Supreme Being [1, 2].

But conventional thought, ie. orthodox science will have none of this, in spite of the immense body of non-testable evidence. There are many eminent people, especially in science, who go to extraordinary lengths to avoid invoking the possibility of a Creator. The intellectual acrobatics that some of them use to explain our presence in a perfectly balanced universe are often more implausable than the simple possibilty that this creator may exist. There comes a point when refusing to acknowledge the reality of this type of data becomes quite foolish. I accept that from time to time an elaborate hoax may be staged but not on a scale to explain away so much of the evidence. What is responsible for such phenomena? Again, some of the suggested conventional explanations for these events are more implausible than the possibility of a continuing non-physical existence. However, death is a rather taboo subject and most of us would prefer to change the subject; come on lighten up, whose round is it anyway? We are immersed in our daily business and problems; death for most of the time is a remote issue. On a universal time scale our physical lives are a tiny blip. The universe is almost 14 billion years old and our life span is about 3 score years and 10. If there is life after death, that is an awful lot of time not in a physical existence. This may include a number of reincarnations, should these be factored in. Maybe we should all keep this in mind a little more often as our real existence includes an eternity. Many of the world's religions have tried to address these issues although rather clumsily, violently and unsuccessfully. This is because, I believe, a veil that separates this physical world from the "other side" is currently very firmly in place. This may change in the near future under circumstances that many Christians call the second coming.  These changes are likely to reveal incredible knowledge and abilities which we will have at our disposal, and in effect, would make our planet the Garden of Eden. 

The fact that there is so little obvious communication from those who have left the physical world is a serious problem and a mystery but there may be some good reasons for this. The two main possibilities are: a lack of desire to do so, or more likely an inability to do so.  A small number of people with privileged access to afterlife information could easily change the course of world history and if a malevolent individual with this sort of access should emerge it could provide an explanation for the predicted Biblical antichrist.  Access is therefore currently restricted to occasional snippets of a more personal nature.