Where is the afterlife and where is the soul?

The Soul

There are a small but growing number of neurobiologists who are now considering the possibility that the mind is more than just the sum total of brain electrical activity and may exist beyond the brain as what theologians call the soul [3]. If our bodies do have a soul it is not easy to locate, unless we attempt to use psychic means eg. mediums, near death and out of body experiences or hypnotic regression. There is in fact no shortage of space inside a human body which is made of normal atomic matter. Apart from the freakish conditions in places like neutron stars the distances between atoms in everyday objects is phenomenal when compared with their actual size. For example, if the nucleus of an atom were the size of a golf ball then its outermost electrons would be 2 miles away and of course the nucleus of the adjacent atom in the structure would be another 2 miles away (4 ). So the vast majority of human body is empty space. Obviously a soul is not made of atoms and molecules but whatever its composition there is no shortage of room for it. One enterprising American doctor, Duncan MacDougall, 100 years ago weighed human bodies prior to and immediately after death and noted that they became on average 20g lighter, concluding that this was the weight of a soul [5]. Even I am a little skeptical about that one.

The Afterlife

Again, clearly this is a difficult one to answer as the question of location for an afterlife has occupied the minds of religious leaders for eons. Heaven, Hell or Purgatory is a place obviously neither up nor down in the directional sense. It would seem that it is all around us and occasionally may interweave in a quasi-physical way with our own world and universe. I favour the simplest answer which is the existence of another spatial dimension that is hidden from our own. Below I have described a possible shape for the universe that would allow for this.