I suggest that our 3 dimensional universe encloses a volume containing another spatial dimension. So does the hypersphere have an "outside" and "inside"? I maintain that outside this 4D sphere there is nothing; like there was nothing before the big bang. This is another concept we struggle with as we perceive our lives in terms of a linear time and space. The possibility that there may be a place with no time, space or matter is something we must just accept as our 3 dimensional brains fail here. However, inside the 4D spherical universe is another matter. What happens when we die and leave our 3 dimensional bodies? As a believer in a continuing existence after the death of our physical bodies, where is it that we go? Our 3 dimensional material bodies can only exist at the 3D surface of a 4D spherical universe so on physical death we can move to various locations within this 4D sphere and away from the surface. We may be 4D beings contained in a 3D shell for relatively short periods. Where is God? Is another rather rhetorical question that people often ask whether as believers or skeptics, as he does seem hard to find. The answer: probably right at the centre of the 4D sphere. Presumably the more advanced a soul becomes the further towards the centre it progresses.  The universal sphere may contain a sort of "psychic ether" that has a vibrational frequency increasing towards its centre and this ether responds to mental activity where thought equals action and like attracts like.  Once we are released from our physical bodies what is our existence like? My conclusions on this matter are drawn from the many anecdotal sources of evidence which are hard to substantiate without testable and repeatable data but nevertheless should be seriously considered.

The Akasha

Ancient Hindu religious belief from at least 5000 years ago postulated that there was another fundamental dimension underlying our 3 dimensional physical universe. Hindu cosmology described this as the Akashic Dimension or Akasha. This assumption has been developed by more recent thinkers especially E. Laszlo (2014) who has attempted to incorporate the possibility of an Akashic dimension with modern physics. The concept of an Akashic dimension would conveniently describe the substance that permeates and fills the volume of a 4 dimensional spherical universe. All matter and energy contained in our material universe from sub-atomic particles upwards represents a tiny projection from the Akashic 4 dimensional universe into our 3 dimensional universe.