As outlined above, information about life on the other side or afterlife is vague and sketchy. However, there is a huge amount of it. A visit to any large bookshop will reveal many shelves in the Mind, Body and Spirit section with many publications concerning the afterlife. The problem is what should be considered plausible and what is fantasy or deliberate hoaxes. Hard-boiled skeptics won't believe any of it and it is difficult to think of any evidence that would make them believe. When they do have a personal experience of psychic phenomenon they are often a bit stunned and still deny it and will invent even more implausible explanations to explain it away. There comes a point with so many personal accounts of psychic and spiritual experience that we have to say there really is something going on.

The phenomena of hauntings and poltergeists suggests that the non-physical entities who perpetrate these events are able to accomplish these manifestations that amaze or frighten us because they have the benefit of an extra dimension to move in.  There have been many well-documented cases of poltergeists causing objects to appear and disappear or apparently "throwing" small objects eg. pebbles or coins.  Frequently the thrown object is not seen in trajectory but rather "appears" at its target which suggests that it does not use our time and space to get there.   Imagine an entity in the afterlife collecting a 3D pebble with a 4D hand, what would we observe?  Well, the pebble would vanish from our locality and reappear wherever the entity wished.  In fact the pebble is withdrawn from 3D space via the 4th dimension and is then replaced, but would disappear during the process.  This pattern of events is typical of poltergeist phenomenon.  It also appears that some energy is required from the physical world to achieve this action as the objects in question are normally at considerably different temperatures from the ambient environment.  Such an explanation also raises the possibility that in principle much larger objects or even people could be transported in this way.  A parallel situation was explored by Edwin Abbott who illustrated what people in a 2 dimensional existence would observe if a 3 dimensional object interacted with their universe (8).

When mediums give readings for people who have lost relatives there is a fairly common question directed at those who have gone to the afterlife or "passed over".  That is: What do you do with your time in the next place?  The answers typically include the explanation that from where they are now, there seems to be no time, or it is perceived very differently, certainly passing at a different rate; things don't change much.  This difference in experience maybe explained by the change in perspective from existing within a 4D volume to that of being on its surface.  There is further anecdotal evidence of this alteration in time perception from the many reports of hauntings in some specific locations where trapped spirits repeat their daily rituals sometimes over many centuries and even longer.  From the point of view of our physical world this behaviour seems rather tragic.  But for them, time may pass at a considerably slower rate.

Out of Body Experience

A small proportion of the population has out of body experiences (OBE) and even fewer can do this at will.  Investigators from the Munroe Institute, in particular their founder Robert Munroe (9) have produced some of the most plausible locations for the destination of souls in the short to medium term after physical death.   Their OBE explorations have led them to conclude that planet Earth is surrounded by a series of zones extending outwards. The outermost regions are inhabited by those who are more spiritually advanced and would have few if any further incarnations into the physical world.  Proceeding inwards these regions are occupied by people who are still attached to the experience and desires of physical life and may exist here for long periods before returning to another physical incarnation.  The innermost regions contain what are described as The Belief System Territories where many religious people who are infatuated with scripture or fundamentalism have become trapped.  Further in are "The Hells" which are self-imposed.  The zone immediately adjacent to Earth is occupied by what we term ghosts, many of whom do not realise that they have died.  The frequently recounted tunnel of light from those who have near death experiences is a short cut that takes those who have left their physical body directly to their higher location.  If you do not take this route you may remain earthbound and this occurs to a small percentage of people. 


I would maintain that these regions are concentric spheres surrounding our planet, but not in normal physical space and time.  Also information that comes through from people working as mediums report that the sun, moon and stars are not visible in the afterlife, which should be expected in this situation.  For example, traveling say, half way to the moon and looking for these zones will not work.  These inhabited spheres are located in 4 dimensional space/time and require a direction of travel we do not have access to with a physical body.   Traveling outwards from the Earth in all directions through the spheres will lead to the centre of the universe in 4D space.  Munroe felt that he was somehow becoming out of phase with his physical body during OBE travel but he also found that he could travel in a direction not describable in physical space/time.  More recently personal OBE journeys have been described by Jurgen Ziewe in several books, eg Vistas of Infinity and Multidimensional Man.  He has fascinating accounts of our existence in the Astral Planes: some are reassuring and others very unsettling.  The spheres surrounding our planet in 4D space are represented in the diagram below.  Obviously it is difficult to show a 4D shape on a 2D page.


Another investigator, Michael Newton in his book Journey of Souls (10) used hypnotic regression to reach the memories of subjects' previous lives and their existence between physical reincarnations.  One of the repeated assertions of the subjects under deep hypnosis was that their location in the afterlife was in some way bounded by a region of curvature when they traveled long distances which could be interpreted as being the internal boundaries of a 4D sphere surrounding our planet.


Munroe described some of the innumerable different regions inside the higher spheres.  The landscape and surroundings appeared solid but were clearly not made from physical matter and these could be altered in some way by human thought.  So we would find anything that could be imagined here on Earth and this was continuously unfolding with time as humanity progressed.  In fact it is so comfortable that many stay there for long periods.  Mountains, lakes, trees, beautiful houses, cars, whatever you wish.  These mentally constructed environments that we inhabit there are not affected by time so would remain for eternity, even after we leave them. There are problems in some of the inner spheres depending on your level of spiritual awareness and burden of guilt and your situation is determined by your preoccupations at a mental level.  In such regions your freedom of movement is restricted and you will be in the company of similar people.  In the extreme cases these are described as the Hells (11).   However, existence in the inner spheres in not necessarily for ever.  People from the higher spheres are constantly attempting to retrieve those from lower down which is frequently difficult.  Sometimes those trapped do come around to their situation and make attempts to leave, whereupon they can be rescued.   Such individuals are likely to choose further lives on Earth in order to progress and may incur what is sometimes called karma, or more simply put a balance of experience.   Spiritual guidance from much "higher" sources is often available during this process.


Beyond the Earth spheres is the ultimate destination for us all.